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Welcome to Help2Needy!

Juli & I would like to ask your help in financing a long-overdue project for our custom home, which was built to accommodate her MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) by using specialized construction materials and techniques to avoid causing a severe vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels) reaction.

Our house was last painted in 2011 or 2012, and we had planned to do it again in 2023, even having it pressure-washed in advance. However, when the time came, we lacked sufficient funds to do so, and this led to an unfortunate and costly mid-winter 2024 repair that could have been avoided if we had been able to paint on time last fall.

Roof Repairs

Much of our woodwork has become weather-beaten and the paint is no longer adequately covering it. This is what had happened on a fascia board on one of our dormers (see pics), actually causing Juli a severely painful reaction to the rotting wood (even though there was not leak through the roof) that was located close to our Master Bedroom. So if we were to postpone the paint job again, until the fall, even more wood would become rotten, costing even more for wood repairs on top of the painting costs.

When we custom-built this house in 1991-1992, we did not install a central A/C system due to Juli’s extreme chemical sensitivities at the time. As a result, we have always had to install window-based A/C units, starting in the late spring and lasting all the way into the fall. Consequently, in order to prevent Juli from experiencing a massive exposure to paint fumes, we must execute the paint job within the next 6 weeks.

But this means that we have to raise the funds immediately. So we would be very grateful to the Lord if you would feel led to help us. Thank you for your time.



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