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General Fund Goal

$ 50,000

Our Needs

Since we have both been battling our common ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) and Juli’s MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) for over 30 years now, we have significant medical, physical and financial needs. Our spiritual needs will be addressed on our Mission page.

Through God’s loving mercy, He has provided us medical help throughout the years, especially from Dr. Hulda Clark (N.D.), without whose anti-parasitic treatment we would never have regained our respective degrees of functionality in the mid-1990’s. Paul was able to resume work and teach piano lessons for 18 years, but that became more and more difficult to continue over time. Since our diseases are highly affected by genetic factors, as time has progressed, some of the symptoms of the diseases have worsened.

Here is our current state of functionality, based on the ME Association of the UK’s disability rating.

Paul currently falls into the MODERATE category, about 60% disabled. He has extreme circulatory dysfunction (venous insufficiency) that makes walking (especially up the stairs) or standing very difficult. Thus, he is unable to wash dishes or prepare food while standing and must employ a power chair to raise him up to countertop level.

Juli is VERY SEVERE, about 90-95% disabled. She is in bed most of the day. She is only able to do a minimal amount of mental work (helping Paul with The Final Word Radio ministry) at this time, must have Paul do all physical tasks for her.

We require help 7 days/week with cleaning and washing dishes. At this point, family members do this, but this cannot continue long-term because of age. Paul is rarely able to leave the house due to his own limitations and the need to help Juli. All shopping is done online by Paul or in stores by family members.

Here is a quick glimpse of their our situation:

We receive Medicaid and SNAP benefits, but not Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The reason for this is explained in this letter.

Recently, we lost a large part of our monthly financial support, and the remaining support will not continue indefinitely. Paul works part-time as an editor for The Final Word Radio ministry, which brings in a small salary each month.

Our medical, food, housing and living expenses total about $100,000/year or $8,333/month) to pay all our medical, food and living expenses. Due to Juli’s MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities), we are unable to move to a smaller house, since our current custom-built, environmentally safe home contains complicated medical equipment and specialized devices necessary for her existence.

We would deeply appreciate your assistance. Thank you.


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