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H2N Emergency

We would like to ask our Christian brothers & sisters for prayer. We have a financial emergency that makes us unable to pay our current bills for the month of February.

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Seminary by Tutelage, Part 1 – Catholicism

Our pastor, Jim Andrews, has tutored us and directed our spiritual discernment for over five decades, beginning when Juli and her older sister, Kristi, were still children, and continuing on after Juli & I got married and entered seminary…

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They Are Coming for Your Kids Part 2

“They are coming for your children … right through your church’s front door, Part 2”   

In Part 1, we examined the “Christian” leaders who have pushed the LGBTQ+ agenda in our conservative churches, especially in the SBC and PCA.

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They Are Coming for Your Kids Part 1

They are coming for your kids . . . right through your church’s front door.

Perhaps you have heard about the startling video (with almost 1 million views) released in July 2021 by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, in celebration of their recent Pride Month:

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Do Not Participate in the Unfruitful Deeds of Darkness

The title of our second article comes from Ephesians 5:11a, whereas the title of our first came from 5:11b. In order to properly understand our role as children of Light, it is important to understand the context of Paul’s entire chapter (from NASB):

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Expose the Unfruitful Deeds of Darkness, Part 1

For the inaugural blog post of H2N, I will be addressing perhaps the most significant theological danger to the Body of Christ, not only in the United States, but in the entire world. And the reason I feel particularly compelled to highlight an already well-known apostasy is this: Despite the plethora of articles and videos detailing the apostasy of Billy Graham over the past 20 years by conservative biblical theologians, there still remains a willingness to tolerate this nostalgic deception about Billy Graham as “America’s Greatest Evangelist.”

Consequently, even those who know how this previously esteemed figure has almost singlehandedly steered American Evangelicalism off a steep cliff beginning in the mid-1950’s, few are willing to take whatever means necessary to condemn his apostasy, even posthumously, and against those family members who carry on his ministry, and their own ministries as well.

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